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Grid Energy Stroage

Grid Energy Stroage

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  • PE-ESS Container
    PE-ESS Container

    S/N   Project Name   Parameter   Remark   1 Rated Discharge Power 1000KW 2 Rated Charging Power 500KW 3 Rated Capacity 1290KWh 4 Rated Voltage 614.4V ...

  • ESS Container (4)
    ESS Container (4)

    No. Item 3.2V105Ah 1 type LFP 2 model 3.2V 105Ah 3 size 67*130*195mm 4 weight 1.98Kg 5 internal res ≤0.35mΩ 6 rated capacity 100Ah 7 rated voltage 3.2V 8 e...

  • ESS Container (2)
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